Agent Doug Blackstock

“It was like a scene that could have come straight out of a movie.”

Sand dunes surrounded the small oasis. And through the desert came the sound of tanks, jeeps and artillery pieces on the move. Within view of the Suez Canal, separating Egypt and Israel, Doug and other United Nations peace-keepers would watch as the opposing forces advanced and retreated around the buffer zone. Checking underfoot for scorpions, reporting and observing overhead as jets and missile batteries exchanged fire, and respecting shade became a part of everyday life.

Doug and his unit may have helped to establish the U.N. buffer zone after the Yom Kippur war, but they were just visitors. Long before the arrival of the multinational force, the Bedouin families lived there. And no one was more interested in them than Doug. A Polaroid camera, a tape recorder and the patience to sit for hours, while off-duty, in the desert, was his way of reaching out. Children in groups, tending their herds, were the first to approach him but by the end of his service in the Sinai Desert, Doug was invited regularly by several families, into their homes to share meals.

Getting to know these families is one of Doug’s favourite memories of his career – and in many ways – the most vivid example for him, of the struggle to keep a home. To this day, Doug’s ideas of home are shaped by his observations: “It changes you to see people work so hard. It wasn’t unusual for people to walk 10 or more kilometres in a day for wood for fuel or food to bring home, so as to maintain the family unit.”

Born in Toronto, but having grown up in Argentina, New Orleans, Switzerland, England, and Scotland as well as Canada, immersed Doug in a variety of cultures. While serving in the military, and as a civilian, he went on to live in Germany for 10 years.

After many years of military service it was time to choose a country and a city and a home. Where better to settle than Kingston? It had been a frequent posting during his service career and a place full of happy memories as a homeowner.

“Doug always wanted a little adventure in his life… first it was the Canadian Military… these days it’s real estate!”

Doing what you love is the best kind of work. And Doug loves his career in real estate. “I get to help people and share my opinions, knowledge and experience about home ownership with them. I show people what choices they have and listen to their wants and needs. I bring people together and give them the time they need to make an informed decision. I’m not only satisfied with doing the best job this time around…I also want to be their realtor for life.”

So, whether you are buying or selling, Doug will spend the time to make it work for you. You can count on the following:

  • RESPECT for what your home means to you, present and future;
  • PATIENCE in listening and understanding your needs;
  • INTEGRITY in delivering the service that you have a right to expect; and
  • KNOWLEDGE – about the area, and from bricks and mortar to resources for financial information.

Doug Blackstock is a designated “Real Estate Planner”, focusing on the needs and concerns of the 55+ market. Doug also helps people with their real estate needs across Canada and down into the U.S. Call him… you’ll be surprised just how easy it can be!