What Clients Are Saying

I’m especially proud to let you read this section of our web site. These letters and emails in the form of testimonials, that we have received from past clients, speak volumes as to how Maureen and I work in real estate. It’s all fine and well for us to tell you that we do good work, etc but it’s an entirely different matter for you to read how our past clients express what we have done for them. One of the things that we tell our clients, is that we are here for the “long haul”…. from beginning to end. And YES, we can even meet up with you at our local Kingston airport to pick you up on your arrival. It’s just the way we work. Sometimes the whole story that comprises real estate can be very straightforward as to how things work out and other times,…. it can get quite complicated,…. as real estate can occasionally be.
Whatever the case, we want to be your link to real estate and for your search and transaction to be as seamless as possible. We have lots of experience and we work with one of the best real estate companies in Canada.
Please give us a call and then let’s move forward. We’re always available!
In the meantime have a read below to find out what makes us some of the best agents in our region.

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