Our Guarantee

As you probably already know, a Real Estate transaction is for many people the most significant financial undertaking of a lifetime.
Now, which would you prefer: “part time” agents, or Professional full time Agents, 100% committed to serving and representing you? Doug and Maureen Blackstock are specialist in representing home buyers and sellers in all phases of the Real Estate transaction.

This is Doug and Maureen Blackstock’s guarantee, They will:

  • Show you all the homes on the market that meet your needs
  • Ensure that any information they give to Doug and Maureen will be kept confidential
  • Give you their undivided loyalty
  • Maintain a high level of service and safeguard your negotiating position.
  • Point out all the relevant features of each property so you will be fully informed when making your decision
  • Let you know if they have any agreements with Sellers that might limit their ability to tell you everything they know about the Seller and their reasons for selling
  • Provide information on comparable sales and help you formulate a “going-in” offering price and negotiating strategy
  • Give you a list of lenders, home inspectors, insurance agents and other professionals that they recommend.

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