The Process

The process of buying a home is comparable to that of buying a car. Deciding what you want in a home and matching this up with what you can afford to pay is similar to what you go through when you buy a car. The work of deciding between various loan — or lease — options is also quite comparable. In both cases, you’ll find that what you can afford will depend on what types of financing you are able to qualify for and what you are willing to accept.
Even if you’ve bought or sold a home before, this process can still be daunting. Let’s look at the many steps involved in selling a home and see how Doug and Maureen Blackstock work to tie them all together.

The Selling Process

  1. List your property with Doug and Maureen Blackstock
  2. Discuss how they can assist you in finding your new home
  3. Establish price and time frame. Doug and Maureen will prepare a comparable market analysis
  4. Develop and implement a marketing strategy. It’s important to develop a plan that will expose your home to as many buyers as possible
  5. An offer will be submitted. A potential buyer will make an offer through his/her agent. The buyer’s agent will present the offer to Maureen and Doug, who will promptly relay it to you and help you evaluate it
  6. The negotiation process will begin and eventually an offer is accepted. The process of offer and counter-offer may go on until parties arrive at an acceptable contract
  7. Buyers will now submit a loan application and home inspections are scheduled. Most often, the loan approval is contingent upon a satisfactory appraisal and various inspections
  8. The loan is approved. All parties can now relax and begin preparations for moving
  9. Doug and Maureen coordinate all activities required for closing
  10. Finalize and close transaction. What you call this final real estate transaction depends on where you live and if the parties gather for the proceedings
  11. Moving Time!


The Buying Process

  1. Plan Early — From the moment you think about buying a home, start planning. Home buying is a time-consuming and demanding process
  2. Understand the home buying process. Homebuyers need to ask questions. Lots of questions. Doug and Maureen Blackstock have years of experience and are willing to explain the entire home buying process-from viewing homes to negotiating, to financing, and closing-in detail
  3. Stay within your budget when searching for a home. They can provide insight into new home expenses and taxes
  4. Look at many homes, including an assortment of types of homes. When you view a property, list the positives and the negatives involved
  5. Understand the financing. Here’s where it helps to be a quick study. Homebuyers have to contend with an assortment of mortgage types and the associated jargon. Doug and Maureen Blackstock can be a great resource.